Housing + [Exhibition]

The Housing + exhibition is the culmination of two years of design and research inquiry that has involved faculty, students, and practitioners from around the globe.  The exhibition will include ten new architecture and urban design models from faculty-led workshops, in India, Rwanda, Brazil, China, Peru, Guyana and Colombia. Each workshop has worked with real communities and organizations to test multi-scalar solutions and prototypical models. These models will be complimented with videos, interviews, aerial footage and large-scale maps showing the global condition of affordable housing settlements.

Curated by Adele N. Santos

Collaborators from SA+P: Anton Garcia Abril, Marie Law Adams, Azra Aksamija, Lorena Bello, Mark Goulthorpe, Sheila Kennedy, Debora Mesa, Brent D. Ryan, Larry Sass, Rafi Segal, and James Wescoat.

Gabriel Kozlowski (lead), Laura Wainer, Diana Ang, Giovanni Bellotti, Sarah Dalton Brown, Sea Hoon Kim, Justin Lim, Kelly Main Waishan Qiu, Alexander Wiegering Spitzer, Andrew Brose, Manuela Uribe, and Juncheng Yang

Documentary by Matthew Niederhauser, and John Fitzgerald.

MIT student workshop participants: Ammar Ahmed, Diana Ang, Nicole Ashurian, Andrea Beane, Natalie Bellefleur, Giovanni Bellotti, Xhulio Binjaku, Kyle Brachesi, Sarah Brown, Wenxin Cai, Wan Chantavilasvong, Yan Jie Christina Chen, Bumsuk Cho, Boliang Du, Jaya Eyzaguirre, Anne Marie Graziano, Daniel Heriberto, Monica Hutton, Max Jarosz, Zain Karsan, Kadeem Khan, Alexander Kobald, Jacob Kohn, Stephanie Suejeong Lee, Qianhui Liang, Justin Lim, Yi Liu, Mary Lloyd, Daniel Marshall, Joshua Morrison, Mackenzie Muhonen, Alina Nazmeeva, Ching Ngan, Rushil Palavajjhala, Sean Phillips, Waishan Qiu, Karthik Rama, Danniely Rodriguez, Helena Rong, Ellen Shakespear, Taesop Shin,Maya Shopova, Angelos Siampakoulis, Ranu Singh, Nneka Sobers, Alexander Wiegering Spitzer, Tyler Swingle, Yair Titelboim, Sera Tolgay, Manuela Uribe, Eric VanDreason, Ayna Delivrans Verella, Yue Wu, Finn Xu, Daya Zhang.

The Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism wishes to thank the following for their generous support: Norman B. (1938) and Muriel Leventhal Family Foundation, Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation, The Correa Fund for Housing and Urbanization, Kenneth and Doreen Wang Faculty Research Fund, Meehan Family Fund for Socially Responsible Design, and Kenneth P. Wong.

In addition, the Center wishes to recognize its workshop collaborators Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT, Fundación Mario Santo Domingo, La Victoria Lab - Intercorp, Inter-American Development Bank, MIT-Africa, MIT-Brazil, MIT-India, Rwandan Housing Authority (RHA), SA+P HASS, and the TATA Center for Technology and Design.

With thanks to our local partners: FAU-USP, Skat Consulting, Strawtec Building Solutions, and the University of Guyana.

Dean Hashim Sarkis and the Dean’s Office MIT School of Architecture + Planning, the Department of Architecture, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and the MIT Media Lab.

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