Karl Seidman

Senior Lecturer in Economic Development,  MPP Harvard.  Karl is an economic development practitioner with professional experience at a community development corporation, a local government, state legislature, private consulting firm, and a state redevelopment and development finance agency. His interests include local economic development strategy, economic development finance, commercial district revitalization, public purpose real estate development, and defense conversion. Karl is currently part of the national evaluation team for Living Cities' Integration Initiative.  He is active in several professional associations and is a Board Member of the Boston Main Streets Foundation. Karl teaches Financing Economic Development, Economic Development Planning, and Revitalizaing Urban Main Streets.  He is the author of Economic Development FinanceRevitalizing Commerce for American Cities: A Practitioner’s Guide to Urban Main Street Programs, and Coming Home to New Orleans: Neighborhood Rebuilidng after Katrina.

Areas of Interest
Community Planning and Economic Development, Urban Finance, Management, and Urban Economics