Abu Dhabi Scenario Planning & Design of New Sustainable Neighborhood Forms

The project aims to develop sustainable neighborhood typologies by understanding the contextual form and analyzing the quantitative urban metabolic flows at a household and neighborhood level for native housing in Abu Dhabi.

We have begun, and will continue during Spring of 2016, background research to develop the theoretical basis of the project. This includes literature reviews to understand the existing state of the research on Urban Metabolism, Sustainability, Sustainability Indicators, and Urban Simulation + Planning Software tools. We are also in the process of conducting initial research on the history of the urban evolution of Abu Dhabi, existing planning and urban design documents for Abu Dhabi, and a preliminary assessment of the household scale metabolic flows for native housing in Abu Dhabi. Based on this initial review, we aim to set up an iterative theoretical and operational framework of definitions, principles, and quantitative goals that defines a sustainable neighborhood typology in Abu Dhabi (MENA region), and which the project will refine throughout its development.

In the coming months, we also aim to conduct a critical analysis of specific case studies through the lenses of sustainability and urban metabolism as defined in our project. We also seek to develop a set of sustainability indicators and targets that will form the basis of the urban metabolism simulations and development of neighborhood typologies for native housing in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, and in order to prompt the design of climatically and socially appropriate neighborhood typologies, we will also be studying the history of the development of Abu Dhabi and the various factors that shaped its contemporary urban form and housing typologies.

Funding for this research was provided by the Masdar Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cooperative Program.  



Mar 03, 2017

Properties under Dh1,000 a sq ft are only 18% of the city's overall residential stock

Abu Dhabi, affordable housing
Mar 03, 2017

Abu Dhabi has achieved a record low cost for electricity generated by solar power in a deal with an Asian consortium to build the world's largest single-site solar facility in the emirate

Abu Dhabi, Solar
Mar 03, 2017

Abu Dhabi finalized a 40-year deal that formally cemented the UAE's shift to Asia and struck a delicate balance in tailoring the deal to fit the needs of most stakeholders already in the concession

Abu Dhabi, fuel
Mar 03, 2017

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Distribution plans to increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations across the emirate to meet the anticipated rise in petrol-alternative cars

Abu Dhabi, electric vehicles
Mar 03, 2017

Petroleum and Masdar Institutes, Khalifa University will be replaced by new university

Abu Dhabi, university, Masdar university
Fall 2015