The MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism has four primary areas of inquiry addressing the most critical challenges to the future of urbanism. We seek collaboration with companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, professional groups, and others to continue growing the research areas. Current research areas include: Climate + Urbanism, Environment + Urbanism, Technology + Urbanism, and Global + Urbanism.

by Fadi Masoud, Miho Mazereeuw
Fall 2016
by Sam Madden, Peter Bailis, Arsen Mamikonyan
Spring 2016
by Alan Berger, Khaled Al Awadi, David Birge, Sneha Mandhan, Mariam Almeheiri, Milos Mirkovic
Fall 2015
by Fadi Masoud, David Vega-Barachowitz, Edoardo Saba
Fall 2015
by Sarah Williams, Alan Berger, Hayrettin Gunc, David Birge, Armin Akhavan
Fall 2015
by Brent Ryan, Fadi Masoud, Xi Qiu
Fall 2015