Research Staff
Anastasiia Ponomarova

Nastya Ponomaryova - architect, urbanist, researcher, co-founder of NGO "urban curators” interested in bottoms-up approaches for post-industrial areas revitalization, temporary interventions in declined post-socialist cities, cultural and social aspects of urban practices. Her previous experience includes researching and project coordination in the international architectural festival CANactions (Kyiv, UA), collaboration with in the City of Kyiv Department of Urban Planning and Architecture (Kyiv, UA). It has been a year and a half since she founded Urban Curators NGO with my colleagues. During that time, they have carried out several projects across Ukraine, aimed at changing the urban environment, involving local communities and using methods and tools that are new to Ukraine. Her main concern is to contribute to the ongoing process of rethinking the architect’s mission in her country and realize an urban revitalization participatory projects aimed at resolving local conflicts and improving the quality of people’s life.