Research Staff
Hong Jiang

Jiang Hong is Associate Professor of Urban Planning Dept. at Southeast University (SEU-UPD), where he teaches classes on Urban Planning History and Theories, Urban Design, and Rural Development. He has also taught urban design and planning studios and practice in Berlin (2015-2016), Rome (2015-2017), Vienna(2015-2016), Yangon (2016-2017), Bangkok (2017) and Ahmedabad (will be 2018). Hong has presided 1 NSFC (National Natural Science Fund of China) projects and took part in 5 NSFC projects, including the topic of Urban Design, Heritage Conservation, Urban Renewal, 5 research projects from Jiangsu Province and MOE.

Jiang Hong also worked as a city planner and urban designer in different provinces in China and Southeast Asia on projects including Heritage Conservation, New Town Developments, Rural Revitalization and Recreation Planning. He has presided a number of important urban planning & design projects, including “Rural Development Planning of Jingangshan in Jiangxi Province”, “Conservation Planning of the Grand Canal of Changzhou”, “Ecological Planning for Industrial Site Development Planning Schemes for Changzhou”, “Conceptual Design of the urban core of Nanjing Pukou District”, and more than 30 other important Urban Planning and Designing projects.

As Deputy Director of SEU-UPD and Executive Director of Advanced Urban-Rural Research Center(AURRC), Prof. Jiang is the leader and coordinator of many interdisciplinary research projects, and he has also consulted widely for a diverse range of organizations worldwide, including the UNISCO Asian-Pacific Regional Headquarter, Energy Foundation in China,Mercator Foundation in Germany, Vanke Group, Myanmar Federal Government and different levels of Chinese Government.

SEU-DUP is the base of 3 national academic committees within Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC), which are Academic Committee of Urban Planning History and Theory, Academic Committee of Urban Regeneration, Academic Committee of Urban Planning Standards. Prof. Jiang is the major coordinator & organizer to utilize the academic resources.