Research Staff
Riddhi Shah

Riddhi Shah is a Research Affiliate at the Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) at MIT. She is a graduate of the Master in City Planning course at MIT, where she was part of Design-X  and MIT Global Ideas cohort for developing innovative design solutions for learning environments in low income schools in India. Before joining MIT, Riddhi received a degree in architecture from Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, NMIMS University Mumbai, India. She worked for two years in Mumbai focusing on urban conservation and urban development research. She was awarded scholarships from J.R D Tata Trust, K.C Mahindra Trust & Margaret Mc Namara Education grant for her design engagement with children and women in developing countries. Prior to joining CAU, Riddhi was a summer fellow at the Housing Innovation Lab in 2017 and developed guidelines for compact housing policy in Boston. She is interested in issues related to urban conservation, affordable housing, water planning, socially responsible real-estate & developing inclusive environments to integrate marginalized population.