Aerial footage from Florida, US (Credit: Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald)

The Norman B. Leventhal Center of Advanced Urbanism and Departments of Architecture and Urban Studies and Planning have established a collaborative doctoral-level program in Advanced Urbanism. Urbanism is a rapidly growing field that has many branches. At MIT, we speak of Advanced Urbanism as the field which integrates research on urban design, urbanization and urban culture.

The concentration in Advanced Urbanism seeks doctoral applicants (one to two per year) who have: 1) at least one professional design degree (in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, etc.); 2) research interests in urbanism that would draw upon both ARCH and DUSP faculty advising; and 3) a commitment to engage with the research community at the LCAU and within their home department throughout their time at MIT. Applicants should apply for admission to an existing ARCH or DUSP PhD program and must meet all specific admissions requirements of the respective PhD program.  Thus, interested applicants should consider which of the existing doctoral programs best fits their research background and interest, apply to that program, and mention in that application their additional interest in the field of urbanism. Department admissions committees will nominate applicants who fit the urbanism program to a joint advanced urbanism admissions committee. The selected applicants are admitted by their home department discipline group (Department of Urban Studies and Planning; Aga Khan Program in Islamic Architecture, Building Technology, Computation, History Theory and Criticism) with financial support and research assistantships from LCAU.