Nov/17 Lecture
Marccus Hendricks

Marccus D. Hendricks

2021 Urbanism Fall Lecture Series
Wednesday, 17-November 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

Co-hosted by the City Design & Development Program (CDD), SMArchS Urbanism Program and Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT.

This lecture will be streamed online here. The webcast link includes a section where you can submit questions to the speaker for the Q&A period in real time.

Marccus Hendricks

Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice (SIRJ) Lab, University of Maryland

Marccus D. Hendricks is an Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Planning and the Director of the Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice (SIRJ) Lab at the University of Maryland. He holds a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Science and a Master of Public Health, both from Texas A&M University. To date, he has primarily worked to understand how social processes and development patterns create hazardous human-built environments, vulnerable infrastructure, and the related risks in urban stormwater management and flooding. Other work has also focused on technological risks such as fertilizer explosions, as well as cascading events such as wet-weather events that overwhelm sanitary sewers and cause contamination, household back-ups and overflows. His work emphasizes participation and action that uses methods including photography, visual inspection and environmental sampling. Currently he leads, as the Principal Investigator, an interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students ranging from undergraduate students to Full Professors from the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, A. James Clark School of Engineering, College of Information Studies, and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. This work focuses on the application of an Internet of Things (IoT) framework in a stormwater management context on campus and has been covered by Stormwater Magazine.  His research has been published in several journals including the Journal of the American Planning Association, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Environmental Justice, Journal of Infrastructure Systems, Risk Analysis, Landscape Journal, and Sustainable Cities and Society. Hendricks has received two early-career awards from both the National Academies of Science Gulf Research Program and The JPB Environmental Health Fellows Program at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. More recently, he was named as a 2021 “Fixer” by the media company Grist for their annual Grist 50 Fixer list and has been appointed to Springer Nature’s US Research Advisory Council, the U.S. EPA’s Science Advisory Board, and as an author on the Human Social Systems chapter of the Fifth National Climate Assessment.