Oct/26 Lecture
MIT Infrastructure Policy Lightning Talks

MIT Infrastructure Policy Lightning Talks

Join us on 26-October, 1-2:30pm EST for MIT Infrastructure Policy Lightning Talks, to hear from faculty from MIT's Mobility Initiative and School of Architecture and Planning present their policy perspectives on the American Jobs Plan. The event will be live-streamed here and is co-hosted by the MIT Mobility Initiative, Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism, and MIT Washington Office.

More details on the SA+P Policy Perspectives on Infrastructure are here.




MIT Infrastructure Policy Lightning Talks

Introductions from Dean Sarkis, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, and David Goldston, MIT Washington Office. Event co-chairs: Jinhua Zhao and Sarah Williams. 


Building America’s Care Infrastructure Through Care-Based Co-Housing
By Marisa Morán Jahn and Rafi Segal

Housing at Cost: Moving Beyond Subsidies and Profit
By Susanne Schindler

Incentives for Communities to Remove Exclusionary Barriers to Housing Production
By Jeffrey Levine


Supporting Energy Efficiency and Accelerating Heat Pump Retrofits for American Homes
By Zachary Berzolla, Christoph Reinhart, John Reilly, Henry Jacoby, and Cassia Schuler 
Modernizing design and construction culture for the transportation infrastructure of the 21st century
By John Ochsendorf, Caitlin Mueller, Keith Lee, and Alena Titova

Launching a Successful Civilian Climate Corps
By Nicholas de Monchaux, Christopher Zegras, Lisbeth Shepherd, Bahij Chancey, and Winn Costantini


Innovations for Transit: Policy, Leadership, and Technology
By Anson Stewart

The EV Charging Challenge. The importance of coordinated efforts towards determining the current state of the charging system, identifying the most significant current challenges, and developing practical countermeasures.

By John Moavenzadeh