Feb/10 Lecture
Claire Weisz


Situational Infrastructure

The lecture will describe WXY’s ongoing research on urban infrastructures. Through three recent projects that focus on resiliency, new options for mobility and the use of geospatial analysis to create more inclusive neighborhoods: a set of conditions emerge that argue for the necessity of understanding the latent potential of public infrastructure.

Claire Weisz

Founding Partner, WXY architecture + urban design

Claire Weisz FAIA is a founding partner of WXY. WXY is based in New York City and known for innovation in the art of planning, urban design and architecture. As an architect and as a co-founder of the Design Trust for Public Space, she has revived the discourse and design of public space through a variety of projects that focus on infrastructure, neighborhoods and urban ecology. She has lectured and taught across the US and Canada and is currently on faculty at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service.

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