2016 Urban Design Studio

The MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism is pleased to announce that it will be supporting the Urban Design Studios: Renacimiento: Reviving Mexico's Abandoned Towns, and Conservation and Re-use of Industrial Heritage at the Shanghai Minsheng Dock. The studios will be co-taught by Brent Ryan and Rafi Segal, and Dennis Frenchman and Jan Wampler respectively. Included below are some more details as to their studios.

Renacimiento: Reviving Mexico's Abandoned Towns  (Brent Ryan and Rafi Segal). During the spring semester this studio will explore and develop strategies and designs for transforming abandoned housing estates (neighborhoods/towns) into viable urban communities. This studio will engage interdisciplinary, built-environment orientated design thinking to apply to this pressing urban problem, utilizing the lens of design to generate novel housing, infrastructural, and settlement forms that may be swiftly implemented in selected areas.

Conservation and Re-Use of Industrial Heritage at the Shanghai Minsheng  (Dennis Frenchman and Jan Wampler). This in-residence month long design studio over the summer 2016, will focus on preservation and re-use of an historically significant, environmentally sensitive industrial complex located on the valuable Huangpu Riverfront in downtown Shanghai. The central challenge of this studio is how to conserve the site's historic fabric, while converting it into productive 21st century uses. The studio will build on the longstanding collaboration with Tsinghua University and Shanghai Shao Tong University.