Emerging Landscapes

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) College of Architecture invited Fadi Masoud Lecturer of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and Research Associate at the CAU to participate in an exhibition titled Emerging Landscapes. The exhibition is IIT College of Architecture’s primary curatorial effort this spring, and is a collaboration between Dean Wiel Arets and the MLA program faculty and students. The selected work on display is recognized as being the most influential in defining emerging trends in landscape architectural research, design, and practice.  

Masoud’s project for  “The Jordan Valley: A Vision for Integrated Agrarian Urbanism” was selected as one of eleven speculative and eleven built projects by landscape architects and urbanists from around the world. These projects embody aspects of what we have defined as “emerging.”

About Emerging Landscapes:

“Over the past decade the design disciplines have accelerated the adaptation of their research and design methods in response to the complexity and speed of urbanization in the 21st century. Emerging Landscapes takes stock of recent disciplinary developments in research methods, design strategies, and representational modes through the collection of nearly two dozen recent speculative and built works of landscape architects and urbanists around the world…[it] underscores the discipline of landscape architecture’s recent contribution towards reimagining urban systems such as mobility networks, agricultural production, and waste flows, at multiple scales, from the planetary to the hyper local.”

The work was on display in Mies van der Rohe’s Crown Hall, on IIT’s campus and will travel to other locations around Chicago over the summer and fall. Emerging Landscapes will also be compiled into a forthcoming book and publication.