Fall Research Expansion

During the summer Prof. Wescoat took up the mantle of Co-Director from Prof. Santos, and will join Prof. Berger who has been appointed the Norman B. and Muriel Leventhal Professor of Advanced Urbanism. Professor Adèle Santos will join the growing body of affiliated faculty and will be spear heading the next biennial theme. The LCAU is also delighted to welcome this fall, a growing body of researchers, visiting scholars and students, as well as sponsored research funded research assistants. Peter Del Tredici is joining DUSP as a Lecturer and will be collaborating on research with the LCAU. Two new researchers will be joining this fall, Gabriel Kozlowski, Research Associate and El Hadi Jazairy, Research Scientist

Professor Brent Ryan will be hosting and supervising two visiting students: Hendrik Jansen, (TU Dortmund University, Germany) and Shuqi Gao, (Tsinghua University, Beijing), as well as one MIT-Technion Fellow, Emil Israel. Marianne Skjulhaug, will also be joining the LCAU as a Visiting Scholar (Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO), and will be collaborating with Prof. Berger, researching the urban dynamics of peri-urban Oslo.

This fall we’re delighted to welcome a growing cohort of graduate research assistants, who will be working on various research projects. Laura Wainer, (DUSP) will be working with Prof. Vale on "Assessing urban resilience for low-income housing enterprises in Colombia”, as well as working with Prof. Santos on the biennial theme. Laura will be joined by two research assistants also from DUSP, Andres Achury Garcia & Francis Goyes, who will be working alongside Prof. Vale. Waishan Qui (DUSP) and Tyler Single (ARCH) will continue to collaborate on the urban wetlands project funded by J-WAFS. And finally four students, Xinhui Li (DUSP), Sean Phillips (DUSP), Xhulio Binjaku (ARCH) and Brandon Peterson (DUSP) will work with Fadi Masoud and Prof. Brent Ryan on the Littoral Gradient funded by the STL.