Future of Suburbia Workshop

On 13-14th March, the CAU hosted a “think tank” design charrette on The Future of Suburbia – the Center’s biennial theme. The workshop marks the half-way point in the biennial theme, which will culminate in spring 2016 with a major conference, exhibition, and publication. A number of lectures, courses, design charrettes and other events are also being held through the spring of 2016 in support of the theme.

This workshop was convened to explore how suburbia might be improved through better design and planning, asking whether new suburban models can be created for developed and developing world contexts and what that might mean for new land tenure models. To consider some of the possibilities, students from the Advanced Seminar in Landscape and Urbanism, co-taught by Professor Alan Berger and Fadi Masoud, developed five design briefs. These design briefs represented typical suburban conditions in the U.S. and encapsulated some of the various challenges that they will face in the future.

After the students presented their briefs, they broke into five separate working groups for hands-on design charrettes with ten affiliated faculty from SA+P and over fifteen invited experts in government and policy, architecture and landscape design, energy and environmental law, real estate and agriculture. The design products of the charrettes will form the basis for The Future of Suburbia exhibition in 2016.

Image credit: Judith Daniels, SA+P