Global Suburbia

MIT CAU visiting scholars Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald just returned from a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique where they acquired material for the 2016 Future of Suburbia biennial exhibition and associated Infinite Suburbia publication. Johannesburg is a rapidly expanding city marked by stark divides. Its periphery is known for its highly fortified, insular suburban enclaves and large shopping malls that continue to be built at a rapid pace, especially around Pretoria. On the other hand, Maputo’s suburban areas are still mostly dirt roads radiating out from the historic core, yet home to millions of people. When the city’s first ring road is completed, urban expansion may accelerate and contribute to greater gentrification of existing suburban areas. Throughout the summer, Matthew and John will continue making research trips for CAU's forthcoming exhibition.

Image credit: Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald