Houston: Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou runs just north of downtown Houston and is one of the city’s most iconic bayous. Houston is known for its network of bayous, or slow-moving streams, which are the main natural drainage infrastructure in this otherwise flat landscape with clay soils. The Bayou Greenways project has dedicated millions of dollars in recent years to revitalize Houston bayous by reconstructing their banks to accommodate recreational trails, and where possible, widening and stabilizing them for flood protection. However, these revitalization efforts have not yet reached Buffalo Bayou to the east of downtown, where it crosses Highway 69. Here is a grouping of vacant lands that lie in the transition between downtown Houston and traditionally disadvantaged neighborhoods such as the Second and Fifth Wards. These neighborhoods typically suffer elevated flood risks and deprivation of natural open space. Thus, this site offers an opportunity to provide flood protection, connect neighborhoods, and offer recreational opportunities in a deprived part of the city.


AnimatedSection_HOU_1 from MIT LCAU on Vimeo.