The Inverted Tent: American Urbanization and Future Mobility

On a recent trip to Japan, Alan Berger Co-Director of the Center for Advanced Urbanism, lectured on The Inverted Tent: American Urbanization and Future Mobility.

Urbanization has different meanings in various parts of the world. What we collectively define as “urban” has caused significant confusion in academic, business, and media circles. In America there are many types of urbanized environments that do not fit traditional city concepts used throughout most of Europe and Asia and demand disruptive thinking on future forms of mobility. Over the past 7 years, we have been studying urbanization trends and growth patterns across the United States and have strong evidence that disproves any notion of suburban decline. This lecture will cover several research projects conducted with colleagues at Toyota Research Institute of North America that reveal the dominant density and mobility patterns of U.S. development. By properly understanding urbanization as a range of densities and development types, a more targeted and visionary approach to future mobility can be imagined by industry leaders and those who shape the future of our cities.