Los Angeles: Taylor Yard

A former railway depot, Taylor Yard is a site adjacent to the Los Angeles River. The city is investing heavily in the revitalization of the Los Angeles River, and according to the Mayor, Taylor Yard is the “crown jewel” in the effort to transform the river. In fact, the city spent nearly $60 million dollars to purchase this site in early 2017. The city is currently planning long-term and interim projects for the public use of Taylor Yard, but implementation will likely be delayed due to the remediation of contaminated soils.

Located north of downtown at Cypress Park, Taylor Yard is unique in that it is a large site next to a major river in a metropolitan area. Its adjacency to the Los Angeles River (west of the site) is also unique because that part of the river does not have a concrete bed. The riparian species growing there could act as a seed source for the Taylor Yard site. On the east side, the site borders Rio de Los Angeles State Park and a complex of four high schools and one middle school.