Medellin Site Workshop

Over IAP 2015, 10 students (MCP, M.Arch, SMarchS) spent seven days in Medellin on an initial workshop, visiting the urban projects in informal settlements and meeting with community partners in the city, including: peers at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellin, the municipality of Bello, the Manantiales de Paz board, as well as a host of city making professionals including: Alejandro Echeverri, Felipe Uribe, Camilo Restrepo and Carlos Escobar.

This hands-on environment enabled students to generate quick ideas and strategies that will direct their future investigations during the semester. Through photographs, video-recordings, lectures, interviews, city walks, site visits and informative conversations with faculty, public officials and professionals of city making, students were able to start gathering knowledge on urban synergies and successful projects in the city; they learnt from the MdP board the goals and projects of the community, and began to delve into their own lines of investigation that will continue to be researched through mapping and design when back at MIT.