Medellin Studio Final Review

The overall goal of the Medellin Studio was to take the Manatiales de Paz neighborhood as a case study for research and action, in order to discover firsthand the process and form of fast informal urbanization as well as its consequences. Learning from the successful social agenda and the Proyectos Urbanos Integrados PUI (integrated urban projects) that regenerated the informal fabrics of Medellin, the studio aimed to  answer the following question: What if those infrastructural interventions could arrive in time? How should they be deployed? What would be the strategy for implementation? What should be their social and spatial mechanisms to direct future growth? What kind of hybrid programs and forms could help this community to overcome the challenge of becoming twenty times bigger than they are today in the following fifteen years? Our projects should not only help this neighborhood but they will also provide the growing metropolis of Medellin with some infrastructural prototypes to direct its future growth. 

After a semester of intensive work, five teams presented their final design interventions that looked to address various aspects of the informal fabric of Manatiales de Paz ranging from the infrastructure, to mobility, to social networks (full list below):

METABOLIC VOIDS Ariana Salazar Miranda, Joshua Eager 

WATER PLAZAS Diana Bell, Jennifer Hiser 

GROWTH BUFFERS  Qiuying Sun, You Jin 

URBAN INTERPLAY Lindiwe Rennert, Mayank Ojha 

DEMOCRATIC NETWORK Javiel Leal Navarro, Alice Kao 

 With special thanks to the invited critics for their feedback and guidance: Eran Ben-Joseph (DUSP, MIT), Silvia Bendito, (GSD, Harvard), Anita Berrizbeitia (GSD, Harvard), Robert Cowherd (MIT), Rosestta Elkin (GSD, Harvard), Dennis Frenchman (DUSP, MIT), Nikos Katsikis (GSD, Harvard), Sergio Lopez-Pineiro (GSD, Harvard), Miho Mazereeuw (ARCH, MIT), Edward Mitchel (Yale), Luis Valenzuela (GSD, Harvard), Meejin Yoon (ARCH, MIT).