The Megacity Initiative: Exploring Urbanism through New Media

Please join us on Monday November 2, 2015 for this special CAU event on “The Megacity Initiative: Exploring Urbanism though New Media” with CAU Visiting Scholars Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald. This talk will take place 12:30-1:30pm at the CAU (E14-140), lunch will be served. For more details contact

The Megacity Initiative: Exploring Urbanism through New Media. In many ways this century already belongs to the city. An additional 2.7 billion people are anticipated to live in metropolitan regions around the world by 2050 and the ecological fate of the planet is bound to their fate. The Megacity Initiative is a new media venture that seeks to illuminate this process through filmsexhibitionsjournalism series, and eventually an integrated digital platform that will allow people to more immediately respond to and potentially participate in city planning. These coordinated efforts will be used to promote ongoing urbanist and activist efforts that champion sustainable development, social equity, and accountable municipal governance.  

Cofounders Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald, both visiting scholars at the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) and visiting artists at the MIT Center for Art, Science, Technology (CAST), will discuss and share highlights from recent investigations in China, India, South Africa, Brazil, and the United States. These trips were also conducted in coordination with CAU in preparation for the upcoming “Future of Suburbia” conference and exhibition to be held at the MIT Media Lab in 2016. The prudent planning of urban and suburban development is absolutely imperative given the unprecedented scale of growth in metropolitan regions around the world.