Rebuild by Design

An international design team consisting of the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism (US) and Dutch Delta Collective (NL) was charged by Shaun Donovan, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, with a study and design for the reconstruction and redevelopment of the northeast coastline of the United States, after the passage of hurricane Sandy in 2012. The team combines the cutting edge research and local knowledge of MIT and the best in water design and management from the Netherlands, such as De Urbanisten, Deltares, Volker Infra Design, ZUS and 75B. - More info on

Design Team Members
MIT CAU: Alan Berger, Eran Ben-Joseph, Case Brown, Michael Foster, Kate Goldstein, Alexander D'Hooghe, Alexis Howland, Miho Mazereeuw, Heidi Nepf, Jonah Rogoff, Alicia Rouault, Yaccov Ruthenberg, Lawrence Vale, James Wescoat, Sarah Williams, Wenfei Xu, Meejin Yoon.

Dutch Delta Collective: Kristian Koreman (Director, ZUS), Elma van Boxel (Director, ZUS), Jos Hartman (ZUS), Christopher de Vries (ZUS), Florian Boer (De Urbanisten), Dirk van Peijpe (De Urbanisten), Eduardo Marin (De Urbanisten), Mindert de Vries (Deltares), Frans Klijn (Deltares), Pieter Vos (75B), Merel Snel (75B), Philip Labouchere (Volker Infra Design), Barry Bader (Volker Infra Design), Frans Faber (Volker Infra Design).