Suburban Futures Final Review

Over the course of the spring semester students have been experimenting with emerging trends in the fields of landscape architecture and urbanism as they relate to the Center’s biennial theme, The Future of Suburbia. Centered around five design briefs (see below), the workshop has culminated in the design of suburban prototypes that respond to the various future challenges and opportunities that suburbia faces. The students work will form the foundations of an exhibition around the same theme, scheduled to open in early 2016. 

Age-less Mobility - Esther Chung, Bjorn Sparrman  

Metabolic Open Spaces: Zero-Waste, Water, and Food - Laura Williams, Ellen Lohe

Home on the Range: Preserving the value of public lands through suburban subdivision development - David Vega-Barachowitz, Joshua Eager

Exurban Employment Greenbelts: Immigrant Suburb as Corridor - Larisa Ovalles, Jennifer Hiser

Innovative Employment Centers: Rustbelt multi-modal logistic hubs

With special thanks to invited critics for their feedback: Rola Idris (CAU), Pablo Roquero (CAU), Celina Balderas Guzman (CAU), Lorena Bello (ARCH, MIT), Kobi Ruthenberg (CAU), Stephen Gray (DUSP, MIT), Case Brown, Kian Goh (DUSP, MIT), Michael Wilson (DUSP, MIT)