The World According to Architecture exhibited in City of 7 Billion: A Constructed World

The World According to Architecture, a visualization of a research developed by Gabriel Kozlowski, Roi Salgueiro, and Hashim Sarkis, will be on view at Yale School of Architecture until Nov. 14. The visualization shows, conceptualizes and categorizes 25 architectural and urban projects that have considered the scale of the world as a design question. The work is included in the exhibition "City of 7 Billion: A Constructed World", curated by Joyce Hsiang and Bimal Mendis. A homonymous symposium will take place at Yale between Oct. 1 and 3. Dean Sarkis will give the closing address. 

Many architects have conceived of the world as a project before the advent of globalization. These ecumenal aspirations may not resemble what globalization has produced in terms of physical environment. They do however stress the spatiality of the world and the need for a formal imagination to make it legible. Today, we hear that globalization manifests itself in cities, not in the world. Even if the emerging settlement patterns across the world supersede the metropolitan model, we still persist in describing the inhabited world based on categories that no longer correspond to the conditions at hand. This exhibition shows how the world has been a rich domain for the modern architectural imaginary. It is also an invitation to reclaim the scale and challenges of the city world, not the world city, as a vital architectural project.