The Eastie Procession

How can climate change be made visible and public within the space of the city? The Eastie Procession is a ceremonial urban performance through East Boston, a neighborhood at the intersection of practices of landfill, settlement, migration, and infrastructure. The project is an urban research and production that collaborates with the neighborhood’s art organizations and actors. The resultant urban performance stages a narrative of equitable resilience concerns to comprehend environmental challenges–future and past. Participants trace a route from the climate change prediction of the neighborhood’s coastline to its history, and engage urban performance and multimedia installations, all of which emphasize the role of the arts in the communication and organization of urban ecology and resilience.

Team: Rania Ghosn, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism and Catherine D'Ignazio, Assistant Professor of Urban Science & Planning

This research is funded by 2020 Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism Seed Grant.

IMAGE: Salvadorans celebrate their heritage on Salvadoran Day in front of the Consulate, August 2014. [Image credit: Consulate General of El Salvador, East Boston].

Spring 2019