Research Staff / Student
Antoine Vialle

Antoine Vialle is an architect (2007) and former fellow of the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici (2010 - 2011). He has been a scientific assistant and lecturer in various schools since 2011. He is assistant at the Laboratory of Urbanism of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and is currently pursuing a PhD in the frame of the Swiss National Science Foundation-sponsored research project entitled “Our Common Soils: the Swiss City-Territory as a renewable resource”, under the supervision of Profs. Paola Viganò (EPFL Lab U) and Éric Verrecchia (UNIL IDYST).

From February to August 2019, he will be a Swiss National Science Foundation-sponsored visiting student at the MIT LCAU, under the supervision of Prof. Alan Berger. His main research topic is on the anthropic transformation of urban soils, with a particular focus on the alpine-lemanic city-territory.

Our Common Soils: West Lausanne Urbanization as an Anthropedogenesis Process
Antoine’s doctoral research «OUR COMMON SOILS: West Lausanne Urbanization as an Anthropedogenesis Process» seeks to understand the urbanization of the fast-growing Swiss city-territory as a process of anthropic soils (trans)formation, both in an historical/retrospective and projective way. In the light of the evolution of strongly human-impacted-soils, it contemplates new forms of (co)habitability within contemporary metropolitan areas, with a particular focus on the urban development of the West Lausanne post-industrial district, in the frame of the Lausanne-Morges agglomeration project in Switzerland.