Advanced Research Workshop in Landscape + Urbanism

In-depth research workshop on “Health and Urbanism” initiative, developed as a collaboration between the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism, and American Institute of Architects. Students will conduct research at the intersection of design, urban planning, and public health to develop contemporary insights about future urban form and infrastructural adaptation. Five urban environments will be chosen as laboratories for research, analysis, invention, and ultimately the development of health metrics for new design proposals. Students will travel to meet with a variety of metropolitan agencies to gather and geographically analyze public health data as part of their proposals. Limited enrollment.

Open to undergraduates.

In order to further the Decade of Design: Health & Urbanism initiative, and choose the cities that will be laboratories for further research, the CAU held a course titled, “Advanced Research Workshop in Landscape + Urbanism,” during the 2013 spring semester.

The semester was structured so that students studied eight metropolitan regions that were chosen as laboratories for further analysis. The research included field work, novel forms of geographic and environmental analysis, social factors, and ultimately the development of indexed priorities detailing the largest impacts where design may influence future urban health improvements. The research served as the basis for the Decade of Design: Health + Urbanism initiative. Students traveled to meet directly with local public sector officials in the identified communities and also be analyzed a wide range of data as a part of their projects. After the semester concluded, a report was produced that helped create a strong base for the future joint goals of the AIA and MIT on Decade of Design.

The report is available here. This report is a preliminary summary and accounting of work conducted by graduate students in a semester-long workshop held at MIT, which marked the first 3 months of a 10-year study. This report is not intended to be read as a comprehensive peer-reviewed document, and is not endorsed as a peer-reviewed study by MIT or CAU

Spring 2013