Rebuilding Beirut


Join us for Rebuilding Beirut: Using Data to Co-Design a New Future
20-May until 26 November 2023
Time Space Existence at Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon 4793, Venice, 30124.

In response to the devastating explosion at the Port of Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, 2020, faculty, students, and researchers from MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning have come together to present Rebuilding Beirut: Using Data to Co-Design a New Future.

The exhibition features three collaborative research and design proposals that address different aspects of Beirut’s urban fabric. Living Heritage Atlas documents and visualizes Beirut’s living heritage of artisanship by cataloging its craftspeople, public spaces, and local knowledge through an open-source database. City Scanner  maps the often-invisible environmental impacts of the explosion and the subsequent rebuilding efforts on the city by gathering air quality data as it travels through the streets. And Community Streets offers street improvements for pedestrians in the Mar Mikhael, Karantina, Remeil, and Qobayat neighborhoods that were proximal to the explosion site.

Each research and design proposal presents an urban intervention that showcases data’s role in supporting the co-designing of the city.

Rebuilding Beirut: Using Data to Co-Design a New Future is supported by the Dar Group Urban Seed Grant Fund at MIT’s Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism.

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