Equitable Resilience Portal

The Equitable Resilience Portal has developed through the Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism’s fourth research theme — Equitable Resilience- which brings to the forefront questions of equity when designing for urban resilience. Countries all over the world are ramping up efforts to make their cities more resilient. However, most resilience practice emphasizes the role of the built environment in climate adaptation, leaving behind conversations about societal inequities and exclusions. The Equitable Resilience Initiative seeks to address the social components of climate change through making equity the central goal of resilience efforts. The Equitable Resilience Initiative launched in 2018, and following the support and development of multiple research projects, we are excited to launch the portal.

In response to the emerging field of Equitable Resilience, and in the face of the growing climate crisis, the Equitable Resilience Portal has been developed by a dedicated team of researchers, faculty and community leaders to center equity in resilience planning through foregrounding the theory and practice of equitable resilience. The Portal gathers key concepts, insights, case studies, and resources on the themes of Forms of Power; Community-Based Resilience; and Resilience Practices (focused on Resilience In-place and Resilience Through Relocation), providing diverse perspectives and examples from multiple disciplines. Over the past year, this initiative has grown to include a spectrum of voices, involving contributors from multiple backgrounds, working in both practice and academia, in building a co-produced resource that highlights innovative work and new forms of knowledge.

Through an open-submission process, the Portal will continue to expand and showcase diverse voices working on issues of Equitable Resilience, at a global scale, and we look forward to working with new contributors as we co-produce this living resource. Visit the site’s About page to learn more about the submission process and link directly to the content submission form.  You can also reach out directly to the LCAU team (Daniel Coray, Lead, Equitable Resilience Initiative, dcoray@mit.edu) with any questions, thoughts, or ideas.