Infinite Suburbia Reviews

Library Journal released its list of Best Reference of 2017, featuring Infinite Suburbia."This remarkable collection of essays on suburban design and development is visually pleasing and dynamic. The photographs, aerial drone shots, drawings, plans, diagrams, maps, and charts alone are enough to make the work essential, but the erudite writing and scholarly research elevate it into an even higher level of accomplishment." Erick Villagomez, Editor-in-Chief at Spacing Vancouver also adds a review of Infinite Suburbia on Spacing.

"With this in mind, the release of Infinite Suburbia could not be more timely. The culmination of  yearlong study on the future of suburban development by MIT’s Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism, this book is undoubtedly the most comprehensive analysis on the suburbs to-date... The result of this colossal undertaking is an excellent, critical exploration of contemporary thinking, practices and future potential of the suburbs. One that does its fair share of debunking common myths and assumptions about this unique settlement pattern, while recognizing its drawbacks. In no uncertain terms, Infinite Suburbia is a book for the open-minded: essential reading for urbanists, designers, planners and others dedicated to the built environment who want to break the unnecessary barriers that divide suburbanization from urbanization. A process that must be undertaken if there are any hopes of a better urban future."