Malden River Works Update

The Malden River Works team are featured in the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center Spotlight, and the NIH’s Partnerships for Environmental Public Health January newsletter.

This fall the Malden River Works team launched into their community engagement, in order to broaden and diversify civic participation in the effort. They established their Steering Committee, have undertaken their first public meeting back in October, held outreach events on the Malden River, and even pulled a kayak down Salem Street as part of the City of Malden’s Parade of Holiday Traditions.

Malden River Works is still seeking public input on the Malden River waterfront, feel free to share feedback with the team here. If you are interested in learning more, the next public meeting will be at the Malden Senior Community Center on January 30th at 6:30pm, more information is available here

Images from top [credits]: Cruise in a canoe with Friends of the Malden River [Khalil Kaba], Steering Committee [Khalil Kaba], First Public meeting [Khalil Kaba], Parade of Holiday Traditions, and Malden River Works Holiday Greetings [Malden Access TV].