MISTI Global Seed Fund Awards 2019

The LCAU is the recipient of three MISTI Global Seed Fund Awards in the 2018-19 cycle. Professor Alan Berger and Jonah Susskind in collaboration with faculty from Bogazici University will work on optimizing stormwater infrastructure in Istanbul. Lorena Bello will work to generate a common urban design and planning vision to physically strengthen the link between Galicia in Spain and northern Portugal using the proposed high-speed rail between La Coruña and Porto as well as the geographical border of the Miño River. Collaborators include ETS Arquitectura, UPM; the University of La Coruña; the University of Minho; and the University of Porto. The final funded project is for Professor Brent Ryan’s work in India, which seeks to integrate the brownfield sites of Howrah and Kolkata into the urban fabric. This effort is in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.