Water Management for Future Climate Scenarios

Join J-WAFS for an IAP seminar featuring Tyler Swingle who will be discussing the strategies for urban stormwater wetlands in Houston and Los Angeles. Water Management for Future Climate Scenarios,  January 31st, 3:30 - 5:00 PM, E51-095, MIT.

Water quality and water supply reliability are challenged by climate change in ways that affect livelihoods and ecosystems alike. In fact, climate’s influence on water can already be seen through declining groundwater recharge; increased sedimentation and water contamination; intensified droughts, as well as many other indicators. While examples of these challenges manifest at an increasing rate across the globe, demand for water rises as well. Given the short- and long-term uncertainty and regional-differences in ways climate affects water systems, what is to be done? Join J-WAFS for a panel that features research by MIT graduate students and postdocs that addresses this challenging water management issue.