Nathan Powell

Administrative Assistant II

Nathan Powell graduated from Concordia University, where he received his M.Sc degree in Geography, Urban, and Environmental Studies; and Cornell University, where he received his B.Sc degree in Urban and Regional Studies. His multi-disciplinary undergraduate work centered around landscape architecture, politics, and community mediation. His graduate research centered around the nuances of transit and livability specifically through the lens of intermodality between rapid rail and other modes of public transit.

While attending Cornell University, he had the privilege of supervising student workers across five dining locations as a Student Manager. While attending Concordia University, he had the privilege of assisting students enrolled in Urban Workshop, which focused on urban design project management; and Analytical Methods in Urban Studies, which focused on Excel and data collection through the lens of Census data, as a Teaching Assistant. Furthermore, he has professional experience in public transit, working in collaboration with the Toronto Transit Commission; and DEI, as a freelance consultant in contact with various corporate clients interested in tackling Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion concerns.